I’m intrigued and excited to send in an application for the Email Coordinator. The job was referred to me by Annie Gleason, my cousin actually! I’m a near perfect fit for the position, having spent the last two years as a Salesforce admin for Columbia College Chicago, and nearly four years before that as a communications specialist for CCC as well.

Since graduating in 2006 with a degree in journalism, I’ve actually worked for just two companies. The Onion and Columbia College Chicago. For nearly the last five years, I’ve been working remotely for CCC from Denver. I consider this a badge of honor as I proved to CCC that remote employees could work for Admissions, and now am one of 20 that are remote.

My skill set is pretty varied in my career – from print and digital marketing to photography to social media editing to writing. A lot of my skills have been developed and maintained in my freelance and volunteer work, which includes nearly three years of social media work for the YMCA of America.

A lot of what I do for CCC as an admin ties in perfectly to what you’re looking for at Intrawest. I’m constantly refining dashboards and reports for our staff of 70 users, running backend operations and assisting with email communication development ensuring for accuracy and effectiveness.

I’m very intrigued with the Email Coordinator position and how it works within Intrawest and it’s subsidiary companies. I enjoy the challenge of improving communications, efficiency and clarity and feel that I’d be a great fit for Intrawest. I hope you feel so to and would love to discuss the job and my qualifications with you further soon.

Thank you and sincerely,

Michael Mierendorf


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