I To Eyes- An Introduction

It seems only appropriate that I begin my new blog with a brief introduction. Seeing as you’ve come to this blog, I can only hope that what you’ll read here will be of interest. Let me begin by explaining the title of this blog.

I To Eyes. This is and will be a growing blog that functions as a creative output for me. The title simply, and in the broadest sense, represents my opinions (I) and how they are expressed to you (through your eyes).

On a deeper level, I am hoping to provide you with some sort of introspective into my thought process and my ideas. I am planning to have multiple blogs dedicated to different themes including, photography (including photo essays), arts and entertainment reviews, general rants and observations, and more. Photography is a passion in my life and I am very excited to share it with you, from my eye to yours.

As much as I have a broad idea of the shape that this blog will take, I want it also to be an organic process, growing as my ideas do. Please bare with me as this happens. I am hoping that what you read and see will interest and intrigue you. Do not hesitate to comment on my postings, it can only add to the discussions and help me with this blog. 

So it is with an adventurous spirit that I present to you, I To Eyes.

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