How To Destroy Angels Full Length Album Coming Soon

The week of Trent continues! Trent Reznor recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his collaboration with Atticus Ross and the score for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (our Album of the Week!). During the interview, Reznor also talked about his latest rock project How To Destroy Angels.

“We’d do three weeks of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and need a break from the heaviness and ugliness of that and switch over to How to Destroy Angels,” says Reznor. “That became much more rhythmic and not any happier, but it really started to take on its own identity. We were influenced by early Cabaret Voltaire – it’s very deconstructed rhythmically and more textural. Mariqueen found her place; we used her in a quite interesting way, I think.”

The as of yet named album is a follow-up to the trio’s previously released EP. The album is expected sometime before March.

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