Harley is coming…

is celebrating its 105th birthday this weekend. They're having a party, nothing too extravagant – just inviting every Harley owner in the world to Milwaukee.

Hundreds of thousands from around the world are expected to ride to Milwaukee as the festivities begin on Thursday August 28.

Having lived in Milwaukee for the last 6 years, I was fortunate enough to live here during the 100th Anniversary which was insane and I fully expect the 105th to destroy any expectations.

For example – Elton John was the surprise musical act for the 100th. This year? Music more fitting for a Harley rider… The Boss.

The big headliners for the weekend include other names like Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blue Oyster Club and the Crave. Other alt-kids will recognize the other names playing smaller stages on daily block parties – Everclear and Blind Melon.

I can't wait. I'll be out of town on Saturday night sadly, but I am hopefully going to attend the Foo Fighters show on Friday night. I'm also hoping to see BRMC on Thursday. I'll be on North Ave with the Onion on Friday before Blind Melon plays, so expect some stories and photos from there as well.

I plan to have my camera on me this whole week ready to snap shots and post blog updates here regularly. Keep your eyes posted and your engines idling. You don't want to miss a single event in this action packed weekend!

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