Hans Zimmer and His Expiremental The Dark Knight Rises Score

Recently composer Hans Zimmer sat down with Collider to talk over his score for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel hitting theaters on December 16th. While the details of that interview concerning Holmes have not yet been released, Zimmer did talk with Collider a bit about his score for The Dark Knight Rises arriving in theaters on July 22, 2012.

Zimmer approached director Christopher Nolan and asked if it would be okay to put together “the most outrageous orchestra” and attempt an experimental score. After spending a few weeks writing, Zimmer came back to Nolan with what would be the “cornerstone” of the forthcoming score.

One of Zimmer’s biggest ideas was to use chanting. In a creative and technologically forward thinking idea, Zimmer reached out to the eager Batman fan-base to be involved. Using www.ujam.com, Zimmer requested fans to record themselves chanting various phrases and post them to the site. “The first Tweet that went out just melted our server because we had tens of thousands of people a second, trying to get onto the site” said Zimmer.

Utilizing chanting as a key musical feature, Zimmer will bring his “hellishly ambitious” score to theaters to support the final chapter of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. To hear a preview of the score, check out the teaser for The Dark Knight Rises below, particularly at 1:18 mark.

Article and image source: Collider

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