‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3, Ep. 4 – ‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’ Recap and Review



HOLY CRAP! This season has been spectacular so far, but tonight’s episode was just freaking fantastic. We had more character revelations, just like the second episode of the season, and the motivations that they may inspire in our characters are likely to be monumental.

Jaime is harassed by Locke and his men. He has a bit of fight left, but he’s losing that quickly. Varys shares his deepest truths from his past with Tyrion, with the final reveal that the sorcerer who cut him, is now in his possession as a prisoner. Anger and discontent is spreading amongst the Nightwatch at Crastors. Bran attempts to catch the three-eyed crow, only to fall again (thanks Cat). Varys learns that Littlefinger plans to bring Sansa with him to the Eyrie. Joffrey shows off to Margaery, but she leads the way into the hearts of the people.

Theon opens up and shows how truly lost he really is. He doesn’t know where to place his loyalties, is filled with regret and ultimately and his savior becomes his biggest traitor leading him back to torture. Brienne lets down her defenses as she tries to save Jaime. Jaime is giving up, but appears to be brought back from the precipice thanks to Brienne’s sense of reason. Cersei tries to gain more favor in Tywin’s eyes, but turns out he’s still a heartless bastard. Olenna and Varys discuss Sansa and what role she may play. Littlefinger is a smart man and certainly one to be watched and feared. Sansa and Margaery become closer, and the idea of Loras and Sansa marrying is enticing to Sansa.

The Nightswatch finally unravels. Crastor dies. Mormont dies. Apparently a lot more of the Watch die as well. Arya and Gendry are brought to the Bannerless HQ. The Hound proclaims his innocence by requirements of following orders, but Arya’s confession about Micah’s death leads to a trial by combat with Barric Dondarrion. Daenerys receives her army, trades her dragon and then unleashes her fury.

And now the top three most important parts of tonight’s episode (in order of appearance).

1. Varys reveals some dark truths.

The Spider has been an enigma for the entire series. Many jokes and insults have been made at his expense, but his many spies and clever manipulations have always been his armor. To see him openly remove his armor with Tyrion was extremely surprising and even more pivotal to each character. Varys’ backstory and revelation to Tyrion is just another brilliantly written and acted scene. The reveal that the Spider has caught his prey was exciting, frightening and intriguing. What Varys has up his enormous sleeves is an exciting prospect.

2. The Nightwatch crumbles.

The anger of the Nightswatch hits its peak and the consequences are severe. Hunger has driven men to desperate measures before and this situation was no exception. As Crastor verbally taunts the hungry men of the Watch he unleashes the straw that breaks the camels back. Mormont’s attempts to alleviate the tension fail and his assumed lack of leadership makes him pay the ultimate price.

Dissension and chaos have taken the men of the Watch and now the army that protects the north is disbanded. As Jon and the Wildlings plan their attack on the Wall, there will be scraps left to protect Westeros.

3. Daenerys is going to rain hell upon her enemies.

Holy crap what an amazing scene! Daenerys is such a badass now! The (expected) reveal that she has understood every word spoken in Valyrian is just as exciting and terrifying as she would have hoped. To see her army take orders willingly, her dragon destroy the city and her take complete charge was a complete thrill. Despite having three dragons, she’s never really felt like a legitimate threat to Westeros. Watching her new army pound their spears in unison, then walking in rank with her through the gates established that a true war is coming to Westeros. Daenerys is ready to lead, her army is ready to follow and her dragons are finally becoming strong enough to be distinctly feared.

Is it next Sunday yet?!


(NOTE: Due to travel the next couple weeks, my episode reviews may be delayed. I’ll do my best to post them ASAP after as I have been doing, but it may be delayed by a day or two. By episode seven, I’ll be back on normal schedule.)

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