George Carlin – My personal tribute

One of the all time great comedians has passed away. As has now been widely reported, George Carlin died yesterday from heart failure at the age of 71. Carlin was one of the most famous and prolific comedians and entertainers ever – his passing is a real loss to the entertainment industry.

Possibly his most famous routine, “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television,” has historic roots in my town, Milwaukee. When Carlin performed his routine here in 1972 at Summerfest (which begins this Thursday), he was arrested for disorderly conduct. A judge later through out the case on first amendment rights, but it’s a famous example as his routine eventually was brought up and supported by the Supreme Court.

As the world begins their tributes, I’d like to give mine. I always loved Carlin’s work and I’ll be sad to never be able to hear his new routines and political/ social criticism – something he did better than anyone else. On that note, I’d like to show one of my favorite bits of his. Enjoy:

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