‘Game of Thrones’ – Season 3, Ep. 5 – ‘Kissed by Fire’ Recap and Review

imageWooooo boy, things are moving along swiftly! After last week’s climatic and epic ending, we had a bar set ridiculously high. Unfortunately, it was merely impossible to meet that criteria, but tonight’s episode was still pretty great.

Dondarrion fights the Hound, loses, dies, and is brought back to life via The Lord of Light. What?! Jon lays out the details of the Watch’s defenses and gets repaid with some vow-breaking good times with Ygritte. Hard to tell if that’s legitimate feelings Jon has or if he’s playing his role amongst the Wildlings that well!

The Hound is freed after winning his battle. Lord Bolton accepts the prisoners Brienne and Jaime. Jaime gets “patched up.” Cersei asks Littlefinger for assistance in discovering details about the Tyrells. Tyrion works out the royal wedding details with Olyanna who agrees to fork up 50% of the total cost. Gendry tells Arya he’s staying with the Brotherhood, she’s very upset.

At Riverrun, Karstark murders the Lannister boys. Robb is furious and orders those responsible hanged. Robb then personally beheads Karstark knowing full well he’ll lose the support of that family and their armies. Dondarrion reveals to Arya that The Lord of Light has saved him from death six times now.

Stannis reveals his guilt to his wife. He speaks to his daughter (who we haven’t met yet, but she’s got some rough scarring). Did I mention the weird mason jars filled with Stannis’ stillborn sons? Jaime joins Brienne for bath time and after his typical insulting nature, actually reveals the dark truth behind what happened when he gained the Kingslayer name. It’s another extremely detailed and introspective moment for Jaime. He always held some serious contempt for Eddard Stark and his judgements on his actions.

Stannis’ daughter goes to talk to Davos. Barriston tells Jorah about his desire for an honorable servitude as a knight with Dany. Grey Worm, head of the Unsullied officers, tells Dany of his pride to be free and carry that name. There is real loyalty to Dany here! Jorah and Barriston butt heads a bit as they jockey for a position with Dany as trusted advisors.

The Carstarks have now left Robb, but he realizes that he can take Castelry Rock with the help of the Frey’s. Sansa likes Loras. Loras likes his new ward. His new ward likes telling secrets (including details of the upcoming nuptials) to Littlefinger. Littlefinger then plays his cards to Sansa in hopes to take her with him to the Eyrie.

imageTywin, Cersei and Tyrion meet to discuss the secrets Littlefinger has learned about they Tyrell – Stark wedding. Tywin tells Tyrion he’ll marry Sansa. He then tells Cersei that she’ll marry Loras. Both children are upset. Tyrwin doesn’t give a shit. He’s not a good father and he’s not a good man.

The weeks most important scenes:

1. Tywin marries off his kids… again.
After a series of complicated spy maneuvers, Tywin uses this knowledge to force marriages of convenience upon Tyrion and Cersei. The glimpses of the good man we saw are Harrenhall were clearly just a mirage – Tywin is as bad as they come. He cares little for his children, it’s the Lannister name and legacy that matters. Through these marriages, they’d position themselves to have ties to nearly every corner of Westeros. He refuses to allow the Stark-Tyrell union happen, or Littlefinger take Sansa to the Eyrrie. Tywin is a manipulative, power-hungry, SOB and he’s now moved up on the bad guy list in Game of Thrones.

2. Jaime’s introspective journey continues.
The Kingslayer isn’t as bad as we think he is and has been. The conflicted and dark past to Jaime continues to unravel in the presence of Brienne. His revelation about the truth as to why he killed the Mad King is as shocking as it is truthful. His anger over his nickname is only matches by his resentment at Eddard Stark for proclaiming his guilt immediately upon discovering his crimes. Jaime argues that his actions saved thousands. Is he telling the truth?

3. Jon breaks his vows.
While this may not seem monumental on the surface, it’s a big moment for Jon. His vows of the Black are broken. He’s professed his physical desires with Ygritte and is now more emotionally committed to his new cause with the Wildlings. Should this all end up as a ruse by Jon, there will be bloodshed, anger and hurt amongst the Wildlings. Ygritte would kill Jon for such a traitorous move. It’s hard to tell where Jon’s loyalties will fall ultimately.

(NOTE: Due to being in an airport in Hawaii next Sunday night, not only will I miss the episode when it airs, I won’t be able to watch it until I get home at 9am Monday at the earliest. Review will be up next Monday later in the day. Thanks for understanding my FWP.)

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