‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3, Ep.2 – ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ – Recap and Review

After last week’s strong character episode, we’re catching up with the stories the show hasn’t covered yet. It’s another character episode this week, but this episode has one dominant theme – revelation. Our characters either realize a truth about themselves, reveal an important aspect of themselves, or in the case of one character – true identity revealed.

Bran’s green-dreams are happening more frequently, this time he meets a mysterious boy who tells him that Bran is the three-eyed raven. At Harrenhaal, Robb learns of the fate of Winterfell and that his grandfather has died at Riverrun. Theon is tortured. Brienne and Jaime continue their quest to King’s Landing. Their journey is a moment for their character’s to reveal aspects of their history and motivations. Joffrey is legitimately falling for Margaery, and Cersei is losing her power over him more each moment. Sansa speaks to Margaery and her grandmother about who Joffrey really is. Lady Stark reveals the truth about her history with Jon to Robb’s new bride.

Jon and Mance discuss their Wildling company and how they’ve all been brought together – the fear of death. Jon also meets a “warg”, a man who can enter the eyes of an animal. He tells the Wildlings that there are dead Crows at the Fist of the First Men. Those Crows are continuing their long hike to the Wall. Sam struggles to keep up, but Lord Commander Mormont forbids Sam to die. Jojen Reed and his sister reveal themselves to Bran and the gang. Arya and her crew are captured by The Brotherhood Without Banners. Tyrion and Shae discuss Sansa’s possible pact with Littlefinger. Margaery visits Joffrey and continues to manipulate him to fall harder for her. Theon’s torture continues and he finally breaks under the pressure, but one of the Iron Islanders has infiltrated the ranks and will release Theon soon. Jojen tells Bran he is a warg. During her meal with The Brotherhood, she and Gendry reveal hints of his original past, right before The Hound is brought in, who in turn reveals Arya’s true identity. Brienne and Jaime fight while crossing a bridge. Jaime loses, only for them to be caught by members of House Bolton, who swear to bring him to the King of the North.

1. Bran is revealed as a warg.

The boy from Bran’s dream comes to him in real life. He’s revealed as Jojen Reed, and along with his sister find Bran who they’ve been searching for a long time. Jojen tells Bran that he is a warg, which explains his dreams where he sees himself as Summer. He also explains that the three-eyed raven Bran sees in his dreams is evidence of a deeper and stronger power. The once helpless Bran, will soon start learning to harness the power and strength within himself.

2. Lady Stark reveals her regrets with Jon Snow.

In one of Lady Stark’s most honest moments of the entire series, she reveals to Robb’s wife her regrets with the treatment she gave Jon Snow. After praying to the Seven Gods to take him, she then regrets her decision and hopes that Ned would give him a proper name. However, she’s unable to keep that promise and her harsh treatment of Jon persisted until her left for the Wall. There is pure regret in her voice and eyes when she tells this story. While this revelation may not have a huge impact in the future of her character’s path, it is however a deep rooted truth that unveils the conflict within her.

game-of-thrones-dark-wings-dark-words_article_story_main3. (Tie) Sansa tells Margaery and her grandmother the truth about Joffrey/ Arya’s true identity is revealed.

Sansa until this point has played her role to the best of her abilities. Despite the harsh treatment that she and her family have received at the hands of the Lannister’s, she has maintained the protective appearance of loyalty to Joffrey and the throne. During the meeting with the Tyrell’s, Sansa reveals her true feelings about Joffrey, including the details of the treatment of her father. The lasting impact of this meeting is realized even more when Margaery meets with Joffrey. The scene is the moment for Margaery to learn more about Joffrey, essentially giving her more armor to protect yourself, and more ammo to work with. What impact this will have on Sansa is unknown – can the Tyrell’s be trusted?

Arya’s revealing moment is short, but the fact that she’s had her true identity revealed by the Hound bodes ill for her and Gendry. It would seem given their new prisoner in the Hound, that they’ll be taken to the the King of the North. The Hound has shown compassion for Sansa previously, one has to wonder if that compassion will carry over to other Stark’s or if it was merely a token to Sansa after the treatment she received from Joffrey.

The first two episodes of the season have acted as a significant build-up to the bigger picture. They have both been character episodes to establish deeper connections to who are emotionally connecting too. While not a lot has happened in the last two episodes, it’s perfectly clear that things are going to begin progressing much quicker and with more collateral damage to everyone involved. But this wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without significant collateral damage would it?!

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