‘Galaxy Quest’ Director in Talks to Helm ‘Red 2’

On the face of it, this particular news item may not seem particularly important. After all, according to Vartiety, Dean Parisot, director of the 1999 pastiche Galaxy Quest, has not yet officially signed on to direct the sequel to the 2010 comic-book adaptation Red. He is in final negotiations to command a production that may involve A-list stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Hellen Mirren. Although no official release date has been set, the film will undoubtedly become one of the last productions of the studio Summit because it will soon become a part of Lionsgate. Red was financially profitable, grossing around $189 million worldwide. Due to its name recognition and star cast, it has the potential to be a final hit in Summit‘s history.

And it may turn out to be an entertaining action-comedy. Robert Schwendtke’s film certainly was because it mixed competently staged action with a wicked premise of retired CIA agents on the run and a tremendously charismatic cast. Red 2 may not add originality to the future crop of movie-land, but it may, nonetheless, provide fleeting and invigorating entertainment.

Check out the zany trailer for Red.

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