First Teaser for Spielberg’s “Lincoln”; (UPDATED) Full Trailer Live, See It Here!

The first footage of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln is here. Yet another sort of teaser for a full-length trailer, this clip is only a portion of the full trailer that will be released later in the week, following a Q&A on Google+ with director Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is cast to play Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln). We can only see brief glimpses of Day-Lewis as Lincoln in the teaser and none of them are straight on views. It’s also difficult to tell if Day-Lewis is providing the voice-over or if it’s the other character featured toward the end. The voice-over quotes the Gettysburg Address but the other actor’s lips appear to be moving. A longer preview of some of the battle scenes promises to be just as exciting. Hopefully they will be just as memorable as the scenes in Saving Private Ryan.


This is the full trailer!

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