Basic CMYK

Score – a photography gig AND it’s about real estate?! Sign me up!

Sorry, I digress. I’ve been on the verge of mentally preparing for a career change. For the last six years, I’ve worked in marketing and communications at Columbia College Chicago (remotely from Denver since 2011), and the last two of those years have been as a Salesforce Administrator.

SF is a ridiculously powerful tool, and I’ve learned a ton about it as an admin, but that’s not where my passion is. I’m a writer and photographer. That’s where my creative passion lies and why I’m looking to do that professionally.

I’ve been practicing photography since 2002, having shot real estate, weddings, portraits, landscape… I’ve done a lot, but it’s never been as my full-time career.

The Photo Editor position seems like it may offer that opportunity that I’m looking for. I’m all about staying organized (not orginized) and using whatever tools I can to keep my head on straight when I juggle multiple projects. I think I’d be a great fit for the culture at Evolve – it looks incredibly fun. I love fun!

(In all honesty, I actually was thinking applying for the Marketing Assistant as well as it fits the writer and marketing creative side of my passions).


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