‘Dabble’ In Welding – 03/20/13

Last night my wife and I took a Dabble class on welding with teacher Nick Guerts. It was a really awesome experience that we’re not likely to forget. Welding is a very intimidating practice and not something the laymen is likely to just try and learn. The Dabble class allowed my wife and I to try our hands at this complicated skill and see if it’s something we’d like to explore more – turns out it totally is.

Nick was a great teacher and gave everyone their fair share (8 students, 2 different turns at welding) to try welding and individual tips after each weld. It was the best way to learn the very basics of how to weld. It’s also just as challenging as you would imagine, but something that seems like you could become an experienced amateur with more practice. It really is a skill, and requires patience, a steady hand and a keen eye to see through the very dark eye shield.

By far the most challenging aspect with this feeder-style welding was keeping the tip at the right distance from the weld. The eye shield is probably 10x darker than your darkest sunglasses for obvious reasons, and seeing what you are doing is extremely hard. I had the tendency to move my hand away from the weld as I pushed the feeder which extended the filler way too much. My very last weld ended up being really good – straight, properly filled and even.

I also had the chance to take some photos of welding and it ended up showing the actual science behind how welding works. Seeing the electrical arc surround the weld was something I didn’t expect to capture, but they turned out amazing. The photos below offer a glimpse of Nick prepping our steel for welding, class participants welding, a view of looking through the safety glass and finally our (monstrous? weapon-like?) creation.

Here are a few more casual photos taken with our iPhones of my wife and I hard at work!


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