Cultural Transmogrifier Round-Up – Jan. 2013 Edition

320Once again, I’ve neglected to actually post my reviews and articles here when they actually are published on Cultural Transmogrifier. Oh well – here are the three most recent reviews!

’30 Rock’ Season 7, Ep. 12 & 13 (Series Finale) Review – Six Sigma Wheel of Happiness Domination

The writers of these episodes (Ep. 12 – Jack Burditt & Robert Carlock, Ep. 13 – Tina Fey & Tracey Wigfield), really worked hard to give moments, even brief, to each character from the series. They all tended to hit the mark that these characters have established over 7 years—Grizz about his future B&B in San Antonio: “I’m going to be a real fish out of water,” queue the Grizz & Herz show preview; Pete excitedly detailing how he’s faking his death, Lutz and his war for Blimpie’s. Liz gets her moments of goodbye with Tracy (in a nice callback to the pilot ) at a strip club, and Jack fittingly with him on a boat. READ MORE.

‘The Hunt’ Review: A Surprising Page Turner

Fukuda is at his best when he’s writing exciting action scenes filled with suspense and terror. The book is violent in parts and quite detailed within those violent scenes as to the outcome that befalls the victims. Without giving any of the plot away, it’s a book that reads quickly when the action is unfolding and can drag inbetween, but the climax that leads to the cliffhanger ending is a blast to read, and leaves you compelled to continue the story in the sequel (The Prey, which will be released on Jan. 29th). READ MORE.

‘The Prey’ Review: The Appropriately Dark Middle Story of a Trilogy

Fukuda has greatly improved his ability to describe settings without the consistent need of extra-complicated, and sometimes silly, similes and metaphors. Considering this is only Fukuda’s second novel, it’s a treat. Fukuda is still at his best writing action sequences and The Prey has plenty of them.The Prey also does a great job of expanding the world (or perceived world) that Gene and The Mission live in. READ MORE. 

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