CT’s First Anniversary – Year in Review: Features

As we celebrate our first anniversary we are taking a look back at our 10 biggest hits in Features, Reviews and News. First up is Features!

Our Features are all unique and original content from our extremely talented writers. They could be lists, essays, comical discussions, pretty much anything. Below are our top ten most popular in order with brief quotes from each. If you missed one of them, hopefully you find some time to catch-up. Enjoy.

1. Thriller at Thirty: Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Michael Jackson’s Best Album

‘The Video for “Thriller:” I have to mention another Jackson video because he pretty much invented the modern music video as we know it and, in the process, almost single-handedly made MTV popular.

2. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Discussion: Theories, Predictions & Expectations

“It seems likely that the only elements Nolan and Jonathan Nolan may take from Knightfall is Bane’s attempts to breakdown Batman before he confronts him. It also seems likely that Bane will indeed “break the Bat” and the mantle of Batman will be passed on to John Blake, just like was done in Knightfall.”

3. Zach Galifianakis and the Death of the Leading Man

“But Galifianakis’ form of comedy—which is elusive, unashamed, unaffected, and most importantly, radical (shall we call it “demasculinized” comedy?)—allows us to reflect on ourselves in an extremely personal way and impels us to question our fundamental beliefs regarding sexuality and expected gender behaviors.”

4. A Love Letter to Jack Black

“Jack Black is more than a funny man; he brings humanity to the characters he plays and often provides us with witty social commentary in his performances.”

5. Brooklyn Decker, Bros, Boobs, and ‘Battleship’

“How could SI not feature a thin, big-breasted blonde who’s also from North Carolina and a huge sports fan? Not featuring last year’s cover model in this year’s issue is like a team winning a title and then trading away all its players. You just don’t do it.”

6. Looking at Batman as a Western Hero: ‘The Dark Knight’

“The Western hero is on the side of law and order, but he frequently has to resort to violence and even killing to protect order. This complicates his hero image and makes him morally ambiguous—much like Batman.”

7. The Evolution of Snow White: ‘Magic Mirror, on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest One of All?’

“Indeed, “Snow White” has been reinvented time and time again. Variations of the fairy tale were popular prior to the German variant of the Brothers Grimm, though it’s their version of the tale, alongside Walt Disney’s 1937 film, that remains at the forefront of our cultural consciousness.”

8. ‘The Avengers’ Comics, Character Films – Staff Roundtable Discussion – Part 1 (No Spoilers)

“That’s because this is America. Greatest country in the world. Also, I was always fascinated by how much respect Thor had for Cap in the comics. I wonder if that will translate to the film? I think I keep putting Cap on a pedestal, but really, I just keep hoping the Cap from the comics shines through in The Avengers.”

9. The Underwhelming Loveability of Will Smith

“It’s impossible to dislike Will Smith, unless you hate fun and crave robot enslavement. Since I am a fun-destroying buzzkill, though, let’s examine what Big Willie Style is.”

10. The Rise of Ripley: Gender and ‘Alien,’ Part 1

“Beginning with a simple act of gender swapping, director Ridley Scott and his team converted a formulaic story of Space Age horror into a rich condemnation of preexisting gender politics, marking it as one of the most politically progressive films ever made.”

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