CT’s First Anniversary – A Brief Look Back

First off, if you’re reading this, then thank you. On December 14th, Cultural Transmogrifier Magazine will celebrate it’s first anniversary since going live. It’s hard to believe, but a lot has happened in that first year. Starting next week, I’ll be posting three different brief articles that detail our top 10 biggest hits for Features, Reviews and News. I hope you enjoy looking back at what the internet deemed to be our best posts.

Cultural Transmogrifier began as an idea with from our former Editor-in-Chief, Paul Gleason and myself. Paul’s initial idea was an outlet for his frustrations with the apathy of some people he had met and their understanding of culture. After a few discussions, what came to be was Cultural Transmogrifier. Our dedicated and exceedingly talented staff have attempted in the last year to dig into pop culture and bring you a (hopefully) introspective look at the deeper themes within movies, music, television and literature.

We’ve tried new things in the first year (Rewind, Cultural Impact, Culturef*cked) and had some pretty exciting interviews (Matthew Lillard, Tim Heidecker). We’ve reviewed the year’s biggest movies (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises), had sneak reviews of films before they debuted (Killing Them Softly) and brought you features and reviews on works you may never have heard of before (Spandex).

In the second year of CT we plan to unveil some new exciting columns and features. I personally thank you for reading our content of the last year and hope you’ll stick with us in the future (and tell your friends too!).

-Mike Mierendorf

Managing Director and Co-Founder

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