Concert Photography

As any photographer will tell you, shooting in the dark is hard. Shooting action in the dark is even harder. I've been lucky enough to have a few opportunities to shoot concert photography and in my opinion is one of the hardest shooting scenarios I've ever had to deal with.

The trend – at least for me – seems to be that on a good day, 1 out of every 5, maybe 10, photos I take, I really like. But when I step foot into a music venue and look through the viewfinder, that number climbs to 20, maybe 30.

I recently took photos at the M.Ward show in Milwaukee at Pabst Theater. As I was warned prior, singer-songwriters are notorious for low lighting. Ward was no exception. I snapped over 300 photos – including those for opener The Watson Twins, and felt like I came out with about 30-40 quality shots.

You can view the gallery on Pabst's website here. Below are a few of my favorites. As always, let me know what you think.



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