‘Community’ Returns – Just as Awesome as Ever

With the announcement that Community was going to return, Internet sites have been stoked with continued excitement and anticipation (CT included!). Well, last night Community aired its return episode, and it was just as awesome as ever.

In brief, the episode, “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts,” picks up right where things left off. The episode begins with a Boys 2 Men tribute and then introduces a subplot, in which some valuable campus cafeteria real estate is for sale. Using his newfound enhanced wealth, which he’s inherited from his dead father, Pierce agrees to open a sandwich shop with Shirley.

This all takes place while Shirley is planning her re-wedding – to take place in the study room because her church frowns upon re-weddings, tight jeans, etc. In a humorous and enjoyable subplot, Troy and Abed – at Shirley’s request – purge themselves of their weirdness to attend the rehearsal. All the while, Britta finds her inner suburbanite and plans the rehearsal and wedding. Annie helps Jeff write his toast. Plenty of laughs lead to the predictable unraveling at the rehearsal.

It’s a real joy to have Community back. (Feel the excitement at reddit here). I look forward to the remaining episodes of season three. Go Human Beings!

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