From 2015 through early 2016, I wrote short poems on Twitter with the hashtag #PoetryIn140. Some were serious, most were not. Some were total nonsense. Well, honestly, most were nonsense or just for fun. It isn’t a writing project that I’m doing consistently anymore, so as of now, it is … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 6

Continuing on, see previous posts here.   Ahead of the pace, although it’s not a race. Feeling great, creative and accomplished so far. 5k/50k done, ahead of the bar. #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) November 3, 2015 Tonight my son snuggled me while we read. It melted my heart. A … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 5

Missed previous weeks? Check them out here.   Breakfast for dinner. Syrup on his hands. Learning to use a fork. These create a baby @BernieSanders. #PoetryIn140 pic.twitter.com/UdId3YCi4E — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 27, 2015 Put them in the box one by one. Remove them one by one. Repeat. New time … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 4

Sometimes time gets the best of you. It’s all push and no give. It leaves the mark of time, thankfully fading within minutes. #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 19, 2015 Colds are dumb. Ones that come with fevers are worse. Days on end, no fun. It’s the second in … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 3

Read Week 2 here.   Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s hard to do. You won’t break a bone. Unless extreme sports have it out for you. #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 13, 2015 This day. Error after error. Did anything really get done? Hard to say. … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 1

Because I don’t do enough to stay busy (just kidding), I decided to keep my creative writing muscles working out. So, I’m starting a #PoetryIn140 project on Twitter. Tweet #poetryin140 You can follow me here. Follow @mikemierendorf Here are the tweets of Week 1: October 1, 2015 – October 4, … Continue reading