642 Things #4 – Money Carries Further In The Past

Imagine that someone hands you $2. What can you buy with it? Depends on what time you imagine it being handed to you. Is it right now? Is it the future? 61 years ago? Imagine how far $2 went in the past. Two dollars isn’t a lot of money unless … Continue reading

642 Things #3 – Perception vs Reality

Perception vs Reality A concept that is as equally cliche as it is an accurate. It can apply to a product, a company, an idea, or a person. In this case, it’s me. This will be an introspective post. Introspective posts are the bread and butter of many bloggers. Self-improvement, … Continue reading

642 Things #2 – View From The Floor

At first it was hard to differentiate between the gunshots and the screaming, but pretty quickly, it was clear from the shots who were the ones in charge. The view from the floor made little sense. Chaos surrounded me, people on the floor, bleeding, screaming and pleading for their lives. … Continue reading

642 Things #1 – Could It Be Him?

The years at this point feel like they are too many to recall. Looking back, the adoption was the right decision, but I won’t lie and pretend that there aren’t times that I wonder – “could it be him?” What does my son look like? Imagine putting yourself in my … Continue reading

642 Things To Write About

A year ago while picking out birthday cards at Target with my son, I noticed a book. Let me back-up. The greeting cards aisles at our Target are three deep. The furthest row from the front of the store is backed on the other side by boxed sets of thank-you … Continue reading