642 Things #14 – That’s Not Good

A deep sleep sometimes means a deep dream. Lucid dreams can be more real than they seem. Whether a cut or a chop, Or loss or a drop, The thing that you lose could be your teeth. This time it was my left index finger thanks to a thief. A phantom … Continue reading

642 Things #13 – The Important Things

The night air was that awkward spot between warm and cool, still ridding itself of the heat from the day. Crickets chirped rhythmically as the breeze gently rustled the leaves of the towering oak tree of the side yard. Inside the bedroom, Charles was fast asleep. The light blanket provided … Continue reading

642 Things #12 – Swish

The gentle lapping waves create a calming noise, a swish of gentle rushing water, cascading against the sides. Pushed by the plastic blades, the resistance from the water creates tension in the pull strap. Perfectly circular, the blades push the water in a pulsing pattern. Waves from the blades move … Continue reading

642 Things #11 – Wisps of Panic

“Attention!” Stuart yelled. “Everyone calm down!” Wisps of panic and chaos gripped those running aimlessly through the clouds. Wisps of vapor swirled as they sped about without direction, limbs flailing in the air. “STOPPPPPP!” Yelled The Man in Charge. If there were cars, all you’d hear in this instance were … Continue reading

642 Things #10 – Story of a Skateboard

The details are fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure the year was 2007, making me 23-years-old, maybe 24. I asked myself – why not buy a skateboard? It was an impulsive decision made with my friend, John (with whom I’d also at one point, impulsively decided to buy a tobacco pipe … Continue reading

642 Things # 9 – To Hell With Manners

There are three things you do not discuss in civilized situations. Or with friends and family. Either way, politics, money and religion are verboten. Figures that the first time I met my future in-laws it was only those things that came up. The following is the discussion that helped us … Continue reading

642 Things #8 – Grasses

Rolling arid grasslands nestled in front of a dense forest was the first thing to greet his eyes. Grasses that ranged in height from just a few inches to stalks thick and strong that blew in the breeze, nearly twice his height. At the tip of those grasses sat wispy … Continue reading

642 Things #7 – A Test In Patience

If Carl had known the unknown, he never would have agreed to the procedure. The year of isolation, of complete silence, trapped in his own mind – nothing was worth this. The procedure was a radical one. When Carl was medically induced into a coma, the rebuilding would began. A … Continue reading

642 Things #6 – This Is How I Die

This is the kind of shit that’s normally reserved for movies. It’s the futuristic tentpole of a sci-fi film. Character gets struck by lightning and is given the power of foresight and they see how they die. Or they’re put through a machine that reads mind and dissects their DNA … Continue reading

642 Things #5 – Two Hands

Taped up, the wrapping is tight, restraining almost. It loops through my fingers a bit, but mostly across my knuckles, then back down tightly around my wrists. The strength of the tape, overlapping and repeating like a string on a yo-yo restricts my wrists from bending too much. These two … Continue reading