642 Things #18 – What’s On Tonight?

Another day, another grisly and satisfying job well done. It’s not easy being a serial killer in my spare time. Dexter really made it hard for us. He gave away our best secrets, so we’ve had to make new ones. Like him, I (along with my organization) take care of those … Continue reading

U.S. Census Bureau and Wasteful Spending

Earlier this week I received a letter in the mail from the U.S Census Bureau. After seeing their most recent commercials that premiered and have been running since the Superbowl, I am well aware that it’s time to do my part as a citizen and fill out the survey. Yet, … Continue reading

Lost: “Dr. Linus” Theories and Ramblings

Just a quick post about last night’s amazing episode. Needless to say, but if you didn’t watch last night’s episode than do not read any further as my following statements discuss the ending of the episode. SPOILERS. So, our mystery guest that Jacob talked about is finally here and he … Continue reading

Happy moment of the day

Enjoy. Continue reading

“Sundown” Recap and Review

We begin tonight with Sayid’s flash sideways. In typical Lost fashion, what we think Sayid’s goal in L.A. is not reality. In this sideways reality, Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother, but there are clearly some lingering issues between the three of them. From first glance, Sayid appears to be … Continue reading

Star-studded cast delivers Presidential parody party

Check out the Ron Howard directed short for FunnyOrDie.com starring Fred Armisen, Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Jim Carrey, Darrell Hammond and Maya Rudolph. Say what you want about politics, but this is worth watching to just to see all the Presidents in one room and the … Continue reading

OK GO wins the Internet. Again.

Behold the latest in viral videos that also happen to be music videos, compliments of OK GO. I can’t even imagine how long it took to set that up. Continue reading

Lost S6.06 Preview: “Sundown”

I haven’t previewed an episode yet mainly because I enjoy the anticipation and surprise of watching Lost so much that I don’t want to ruin anything for myself.

That being said, I think it could be fun to try to guess what “Sundown” may mean for Lost. Last week’s preview was purposely vague and offered almost nothing in terms of what we can expect to come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t guess! Continue reading

Lost: Lighthouse Theories, Guesses and Wild Speculation

Ahh, the magic of the interwebs. Thanks to rabid and insatiable Lost fans – and especially Lostpedia, much more is known about the mysteries of the Lighthouse from last night’s Lost. First off – the list of known candidates has jumped from a handful to almost 100. With the few … Continue reading

Lost: Lighthouse – Recap and Review

Well here we are. We’re plugging our way through Season 6 almost faster than I’d like. Last week we had questions answered (sort of), more questions raised, and exciting revelations. Lost is shaping up to end with a bang. (Read no further if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet.) This … Continue reading