Being A Dad – I’m A Walking Cliché

I’m a cliché and I’m not afraid to admit it. Brace yourself, this post is going to be filled with things you’ve read, heard and for parents – all felt before. It’s something I’m ok with. You know that thing parents say about how they love their children more and … Continue reading

Being A Dad – #Lukecation

It’s all over. #Lukecation, that is. My three week “vacation” with Lucas is now over, and what a break it was. In all honesty, there weren’t a lot of real downtime moments as it turns out, caring for an infant is a lot of work. (I’m kidding, as I of … Continue reading

Being A Dad – 2 Months In

My son is 2 months old? How is that possible?! Unreal. We’ve witnessed his amazing growth (6 lbs 5 oz, 19.25″ at birth to 11lbs 5 oz. and 23″ at six weeks), but also his incredible change in alertness. But, let’s back up a bit first. Lucas Charles was born … Continue reading