Becoming A Dad – Complete

Pregnancy is one of the greatest tests of patience. It’s an incredibly long journey with a remarkably hard job at the end. (I don’t envy women, they’ve got it really freaking hard!) But, the payoff after all the waiting, all that work, pain, blood, sweat and tears is indescribable. Yesterday, after … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – Maternity Photos

While we wait patiently for Peanut to arrive (Sunday is the due date), I figured now is a good time to post a couple recent maternity photos we did a night after work last week. Nothing crazy, but a couple fun ideas. Hope you enjoy them and the cameo from … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The 3rd Trimester and Prep

Well this is it, the finish line is close! You’ll have to excuse me for the long gap between this post and my last. Both Elizabeth and I traveled a ton for work (getting it in before we are unable or unwilling to travel for the next six months!), Elizabeth … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The 5th Month, Is Baby Listening?

Peanut is progressing nicely! The fifth month has come and gone, and while honestly not a lot has changed, there are always internal baby developments. One of the most common discussions is whether or not that baby is listening! As the baby develops, at this time of pregnancy, can baby … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The 4th Month and Money

After the first 12 weeks were over and fairly uneventful (other than our appointments and telling family), we were able to finally tell our friends! This was a lot of fun to share with our core group of friends in Denver. Elizabeth also loved being able to call her best … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The First 12 Weeks

As I stated in my introduction, I’ve been ready to be a father for about a year. I don’t really think anyone can really be ready, but they can be mentally prepared to accept the future challenges of being a parent. Having had a spectacular mother and father as examples … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – Introduction

For the foreseeable future, I’m going to do some non-entertainment writing. My wife, Elizabeth, and I are going to have a baby! Due on June 29, 2014, Baby Peanut, as it will henceforth be known, will be our first child. There are countless books and blogs out there for women … Continue reading