I love winter

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Hawaii Trip 2013 Recap: Oahu & Maui – Part 1

Thursday, April 25, 2013: We started the morning off in a very smart way – coffee and doughnuts with Cathy and Charlie. Denver was finally snapping out of its Winter/ Spring dilemma. After breakfast, they drove us to the airport. We had an easy way through security (even saw Shawn … Continue reading

‘Dabble’ In Welding – 03/20/13

Last night my wife and I took a Dabble class on welding with teacher Nick Guerts. It was a really awesome experience that we’re not likely to forget. Welding is a very intimidating practice and not something the laymen is likely to just try and learn. The Dabble class allowed … Continue reading

A preview of my Dabble welding class

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Apparently birds love snow

It’s been snowing most of the day here in Denver and apparently birds love it. Our bird feeder attracts a loyal following of yet unidentified birds each day, but today the birds seemed extra excited. Here are a few pictures of the birds feeding as well as a short video … Continue reading

Denver Zoolights – A Feast For The Eyes

Last night Elizabeth and I went to Denver Zoolights with our friends Mike and Jess. Simply put, it was awesome. How Denver Zoo is able to create the light animated scenes as well as decorate nearly the entire zoo is beyond me. It was an absolute blast. I’m so glad … Continue reading

Flowers man… they’re colorful

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