U.S. Census Bureau and Wasteful Spending

Earlier this week I received a letter in the mail from the U.S Census Bureau. After seeing their most recent commercials that premiered and have been running since the Superbowl, I am well aware that it’s time to do my part as a citizen and fill out the survey. Yet, … Continue reading

Stewart vs O’Reilly, Media Criticism

Watch this portion of Stewart’s interview on the O’Reilly Factor from last night. Through his bully tactics, O’Reilly constantly cuts off Stewart and portrays his audience as dumb stoners with very little knowledge of the actually political landscape. His argument that viewers of The Daily Show ultimately and unrelentingly support … Continue reading

The “Green” of St. Patrick’s Day

With the economy in shambles and the media hitting us over the head with more and more bad news, revelers hit the streets yesterday to drink away any lingering reminder of what is going on. Yet that got me wondering. If millions of people were out celebrating, isn't that just … Continue reading

New Sonic opening shows society’s true colors

Tonight, my wife and I tried to make our way to the new Sonic that opened up just south of Miller Park. Sonic has run commercials in this city for months in anticipation of launching their first franchise in the metro area. Traffic leading out of the city was nuts … Continue reading

Marketing in the digital age

I was just reading a great blog post by Seth Godin about whether or not marketing is evil. It's entirely his opinion, but seeing as he is one of the best in the industry, its a unique insight to read about. I would agree that there should be a careful … Continue reading

The Oscar’s – Does anyone care anymore?

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I started too, then for the first time in as many years as I can remember, turned them off to watch a movie. I'm a self-proclaimed movie nut. I own way to many movies and my friends and family call my DVD collection … Continue reading

Today marks the turning point? Discuss…

Today, President Obama will sign the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. So now that the Act will grant the spending spree to begin, how will it help our economy? That's where Recovery.gov comes in. Thankfully Obama recognizes the need for a degree of accountability. I think it … Continue reading

How do you get your news?

Recently as we've all surrounded ourselves and been hounded by the media reporting the faltering economy, consumers have gotten more fiscally conservative. Last year we spent our money – savings wasn't such a big concern. Yet, after the last months of 2008 and one of the worst months for job … Continue reading

Christian Bale’s “Bale out”… REMIX! (NSFW)

The media has been a buzz about Christian Bale going off on the DP  on the set of Terminator: Salvation. Well if you want to hear the full rant by Mr. Bale, you can listen to it here. Although, I'd say skip it and listen to this. Compliments of Revolucian. … Continue reading

Superbowl Breakdown

Welcome to the first I To Eyes "Superbowl Breakdown." If you came here to read about the game, sorry, you should have watched and you can also read all about it on every news source in the world. I'm here to leave my thoughts on the memorable (good or bad) … Continue reading