‘Glee’ Season 4, Ep. 14 Review: “Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?”

By Jennifer Lund Glee as a series started out channeling the sort of cockeyed optimism that kept Rachel Berry singing into her hairbrush at night and posting the videotaped results to her MySpace page – despite the hate they received. In fact, the series’ pilot featured club director Will Schuester … Continue reading

‘Parks and Rec’ Season 5, Ep. 13, Review: This Ain’t Downton, and It Sure as Hell Ain’t Eagleton

“In order to save our park, we have to destroy the entire town.” It’s a play on what passes for moral relativism in action movies, but Leslie utters it with sincere gravitas. Leslie, Ann, and Chris are in the middle of an Emergency Drill—an exercise that Pawnee has failed 12 … Continue reading

‘Side Effects’ Review: The Pills Won’t Help You Now

After 24 years in the movie business, indie film maverick and occasional Hollywood heavyweight Steven Soderbergh is calling it quits. Rising to prominence with sex, lies, and videotape—the film that helped launch the American independent film renaissance of the early 90s—at the ripe age of 26, Soderbergh’s career quickly fell back … Continue reading

‘Glee’ Season 4, Ep. 13 Review: “I have more diva in my little finger than you have in your whole angry inch!”

By Jennifer Lund Musicals, especially ones as over the top as Glee, don’t really need an excuse to bust out some real diva moves. And yet, this episode (aptly titled “Diva”) has several good reasons and uses them all to its advantage. The show opens with a voiceover from Kurt, … Continue reading

‘Parks and Rec.’ Season 5, Ep. 12 Review: All The Women Who Are Independent, Throw Your Hands Up At Me

I wrote two weeks ago that Parks and Recreation was arguably more of a feminist show than 30 Rock, because the show is purely about Leslie and her career ambitions. That’s not entirely an accurate statement. Feminism can mean a lot. Some women want to be housewives, some women want … Continue reading

‘Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall Review’ – ‘Gloriously Unspoilt by Progress’

Writing a biography of an anonymous artist seems like an impossible task…or maybe not when the subject is also world famous. The unidentified graffiti artist known as Banksy has turned himself into a faceless icon in recent years with high-profile stunts such as gluing his own art on museum gallery walls and painting … Continue reading

‘Glee’ Season 4, Ep. 12 Review: ‘I feel like taking a gander at that glorious taco right now!’

By Jennifer Lund There’s an old joke about the word ‘naked’ and its various pronunciations – ‘naked’ means you’re not wearing any clothes, whereas ‘nekkid’ means you’re not wearing any clothes and you’re up to something. Last night’s episode of Glee proved that there’s another definition, and it has nothing to do … Continue reading

’30 Rock’ Season 7, Ep. 12 & 13 (Series Finale) Review – Six Sigma Wheel of Happiness Domination

A kooky show by the name of 30 Rock debuted on NBC on October 11th, 2006. For me, 30 Rock will always be the show that followed me into true adulthood. In 2006 I graduated college, had my first place (which lasted 3 days before my girlfriend—now wife—moved in), and first … Continue reading

Oscar Snubs Throughout History, Part 1

Oscar season is that time of year that excites any movie buff. Each year we see the Academy recognize the best films, performers, directors, and cinematographers for their craft. Among the excitement of the nominations and winners, inevitably the Academy Awards snub some worthy film, actor, or director. Any cinephile … Continue reading

‘The Prey’ Review: The Appropriately Dark Middle Story of a Trilogy

Andrew Fukuda’s sequel to The Hunt is really a lot of fun—well, a dark sort of fun. The Prey, picks up right where The Hunt left off, with Gene, Sissy and the gang on the run from the vampires. Advancing beyond the Hunger Games/vampire story, The Prey, as the title … Continue reading