We Barely Got to Know You, ’30 Rock’

I had a surprise Friday reading Wesley Morris’ “30 Rock Landed On Us” piece for Grantland. Morris called Tina Fey’s show about the behind-the-scenes headaches of writing sketch comedy on a failing network one of the greatest shows about race that television’s ever seen. What? I suppose I’ve always thought … Continue reading

Pop Culture Resolutions For 2013

This is it, 2013 and with it a plethora of possibilities for what society will kick into the mainstream and proclaim a cultural phenomenon! I wonder how many predictions of doom will sprout forth given that we are on this oh-so-lucky number thirteen. All I can say is that if … Continue reading

The End of ‘The Office’ – A Show as Interminable as the Workplace it Mimics

With the rise of the internet has come the rise of memes. These little cutesy, big-captioned photos are not unrelated to propaganda posters and hallmark cards, but their sudden ubiquity is somewhat surprising. I’m sure half of today’s high schoolers are deciding who to vote for based on memes about … Continue reading

Richard Ayoade: Actor, Filmmaker, Nerd, Sex Symbol

Richard Ayoade is a name many Americans are not familiar with now but will be in the next couple of years. Most recently, he has received attention for his role in The Watch, currently in theaters, starring alongside Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill. His work in The Watch is one … Continue reading

Kristen Stewert: Katie Holmes 2.0

Lately, I’ve developed an inexplicable addiction to Dawson’s Creek. Like many people, the appearance of James Van Der Beek on the relatively new sitcom Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 (of which, Van Der Beek—who plays himself—is the only worthwhile aspect) prompted me to ruminate about the old Dawson’s Creek star and kindled a … Continue reading

Ten Lingering Questions Leading Into Season Five of ‘Breaking Bad’

ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE SEEN SEASON 4 OF BREAKING BAD. COMPLETE SPOILERS FOR LAST SEASON BELOW. 1. What is Gus’ big secret? Much has been hinted at about what Gus did and who he was before he started cooking chicken and selling meth. We know that he originally came … Continue reading

Top Ten Companions to ‘Breaking Bad’

For most TV addicts, waiting for a program to return from hiatus between seasons generally leads to a case of prolonged mild anxiety akin to holding in a sneeze.  However, for those enthusiasts of a select number of indelible series that brand upon their brains, the accrued anticipation produces a … Continue reading

HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ and America: ‘It Isn’t The Best Country In The World – But It Can Be’

Last night I watched the pilot episode of HBO’s new drama, The Newsroom, which is created, written, and produced by Aaron Sorkin. Simply put, the pilot is fantastic and inspiring. First, a bit of background: I graduated from a journalism school. More specifically, I got a BA in 2006 from … Continue reading

The End of the World: Understanding Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ through Louis C.K. and Camus

Absurdity and the Emptiness of Ritual  On her wedding night, the bride tells her husband that she needs a minute. She goes outside to the golf course. A young man follows her. She turns to face him, pushes him down, and sits on top of him. He tries to get … Continue reading

Breaking Up with NBC: How to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Shows

It was in the throes of a fever that I first watched 30 Rock (2006-present). Wrapped in my blanket, sweating, sipping on a lukewarm mug of green tea, I tried to ignore the sounds of my roommates’ party celebrating the end of the spring semester. I could hear the rhythmic … Continue reading