Catching up

cropped-mrm-logo2.jpgHello reader,

I’m back after not writing anything for almost a month! My last post was a review of The World’s End. But since then I haven’t written anything.

Here’s my short list of excuses for being quiet the past couple weeks (although this doesn’t include all my possible excuses).

1. My niece was born in late August.

2. My nephew had his 2nd birthday party.

3. I taught another Dabble class on WordPress.

4. I attended a focus group to talk about movies.

5. I went hiking and my dog had his 7th birthday.

6. Attended Tour de Fat in Denver.

7. Football season started – Go Pack!

and finally

8. I’ve been working on a novel!

That being said, I’ll try to write more. Including a review at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in about one hour!

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