Brewers, Spring, and photography

Well to begin with, Clinton won PA last night. Looks like we’ll be waiting until Denver until we know who is going to challenge McCain.

Now onto more exciting topics. As you may have gathered from info on this blog, I’m a huge Brewers fan. I’m so happy that its baseball season again. I seem to find myself lost in the MLB and I love it. The Brewers have been having a decent start to the season. Not great, but if the NL Central keeps playing like this, it’ll be a tight race all year. I’m going to Brewers games Friday and Sunday… It’ll be great.

Saturday will also be exciting. My softball league is starting and we’re practicing for the first time. I’m also taking photos for an upscale sushi restaurant that night called Sake Tumi. I’ll be sure to post photos in my soon-to-come photo page. Stay tuned!

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