Brewer’s Opening Day

brew_cubsToday marks the Opening Day for my team – the Milwaukee Brewers. As those who know me will explain, I am a huge Brewer fan. It has been a blast being so close to the stadium and I’ve been spoiled being able to enjoy games the last 6 years. Yet, it marks this season that I move into the “heart of the lion’s den,” as they say. Except, it’s not the lion’s den, but the Cubs.

I will be moving to Chicago this summer for my job and it has brought me to my next point. I think that while I’m living in the Windy City, I might find myself with an opportunity to write about the life of a Brewer fan in the city of the team we call our biggest rival.

I hope to write about the life in a new city, a life within the confines of my teams rivals, a life of a Brewer fan outside his home. I can’t wait.

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