‘Breaking Bad’ – Season 5, Ep. 5 – ‘Dead Freight’ Review and Recap


Breaking Bad will never pull any punches. Especially not after the last scene in this week’s episode. Not that the show has ever pulled back from showing violent, disturbing, or strange things before, but somehow, it always manages to one-up itself. The episode’s cold open was a mystery up until the very end and the payoff was jaw dropping. It was a dialogue-free scene of a kid riding a dirt bike who stops to put a tarantula in a jar, then rides away. The only clue to its relevancy was the sound of a train in the distance. About midway through the train robbery sequence, it occurred to me that the kid might end up being a witness, maybe watching the whole thing from far away. But when he showed up staring at Walt and his crew, it was just unbelievable.

Expect this to result in a major falling out between Walt and Jesse. Todd (the guy who shot the kid) will definitely fall on bad terms with Jesse, but my guess is that Walt will defend him or at least attempt to. The subject of violence against kids will probably raise questions about Walt’s involvement in poisoning Brock. Once things escalate to all out war, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show drops the bombshell of Gus’s true past. The fact that it hasn’t been brought up yet leads me to believe that it’s something huge that will come to light at the most inconvenient time for everyone.

Not only was the set-up and payoff of the first scene extremely clever, but the actual heist was another great plan concocted by Jesse, filled with some great, suspenseful moments. Little robberies like this and the magnet car stunt in the premiere show just how good this team can actually be at being bad guys. They even have a first season feel to them, such as when Walt used thalidomide to burn through a lock and steal chemicals. Mike was in brutal and calculated form, as always. The other half of Saul’s A-team, played by comedian Bill Burr, even showed up again to help out. As I predicted before, the new character Todd from the pest control place played a bigger role. I don’t expect him to live much longer, but his actions will certainly have huge consequences.

After last week’s episode focused heavily on the White family’s business, Skylar and the rest only had a few scenes this time around. Things are certainly still uneasy but probably won’t get shaken up more until the end of this season. Walt’s scene with Hank was also very tense and clever. I’d expect to see more from the bug planted in the picture frame. It might even turn out to be Walt’s undoing.

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  1. Do you even watch this show? How are you always so wrong?

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