Blockbuster Stores Launch New Retail Video Game Service

Blockbuster has unveiled a new business
branch, retail video game sales. In a move to compete with game store giants
GameStop and Game Crazy, Blockbuster corporate-owned stores will begin selling
games, hardware and accessories. Available systems include Sony PS3, Microsoft
Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, but one notable missing system is Sony

 Rod Murray, vice-president, games merchandising, Blockbuster
Inc, offered
this explanation
for the new retail gaming branch, "We're committed to
offering a full assortment of everything gamers want in our stores — hardware,
accessories and retail and rental games across all platforms."

 As further support of its new business gaming strategy,
Blockbuster will also offer exclusive special offers, such as, “an exclusive
Sony PS3 movie and game bundle… available at corporate-owned stores… for
$499.99…includes: a 40GB Sony PS3 game console… PS3/Blu-ray DVD remote, HDMI
cable, "Spiderman 3" Blu-ray disc, "Transformers" PS3 game
and a BLOCKBUSTER 12-week PS3/Blu-ray rental card that entitles users to one
free PS3 or Blu-ray rental per week for 12 consecutive weeks.”

The launch of this new service from Blockbuster was timed
with popular releases of “Grand Theft Auto IV” and “Mario Kart Wii.” While no
official details have been released concerning the success of the new service,
it is clear that Blockbuster is looking to solidify its standing in the home
entertainment industry.

In moves to keep in
competition with its biggest online movie rental threat, Netflix,Netflix.03 Blockbuster
has also announced
it is developing a new service to steam movies directly to your TV. Netflix
already in development with LG Electronics for a similar device. The importance
to successfully have a service like this for Blockbuster is very clear to
corporate. With the news that Apple was to begin offering online movie rental
downloads, Blockbuster’s stock plummeted 17%. Blockbuster has officially given
no word when the service will be available.

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