Chicago Blizzard! I guess it snowed yesterday.

So, not sure if you heard yesterday, but in parts of the country it snowed a bit. Well it snowed in Chicago too surprisingly. Anyway, I decided to take a bit of a stroll with my wife this morning to our local bakery (Rudy’s) for some snow day breakfast treats – and they were open!

Here is what Roscoe Village in Chicago looked like at 8am this morning.

This is the door leading into our house. The snow blew in all night long leaving a little warning that “hey! there’s some snow outside just FYI.”

This is looking north on Bell Ave in Roscoe Village. It’s kind of awesome out there.

Enjoy all the photos here. It is pretty remarkable at the amount of snow that fell. With the high winds, it’ll be a long time before any of the side streets are clear. Movie time!

UPDATE: These pictures were taken at 8am. It’s now almost 3 hours later and anywhere that was shoveled, plowed, or snow-blowed; is back to being completely covered with an additional 3 inches or more of snow and strong winds. Oh well!

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