Best Of 2012: TV

We continue our Best Of 2012 series with our favorite TV shows. Not surprisingly, Parks & Recreation and Game of Thrones show up a few times in our lists (we have reviewed both shows episode by episode this year). How do our lists stack up against yours?

Mike Mierendorf – Managing Director

panwee commons1. Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation has really hit its stride. Ron Swanson is now an internet legend. Leslie & Ben, Andy & April are adorable television couples that defeat the cliches. The entire cast really make this not only the funniest show on TV, but also the most entertaining. Filled with great political commentary and insight during the election, it turned out to be more relevant than most would have imagined. Even the mediocre episodes are more entertaining than the majority of shows on TV. As the lone survivor of NBC’s Thursday night line-up for 2013, it looks to continue its critical and internet acclaim. Long live Ron Swanson and his pyramid of greatness!

2. Game of Thrones

3. Sherlock

4. Modern Family

5. The Newsroom

6. New Girl

7. The Daily Show

8. The Colbert Report

9. Boardwalk Empire

10. The Walking Dead

Honorable Mention: Community, Veep, 30 Rock

Shows I’m Too Far Behind To Watch: Breaking Bad, Mad Men


Drew Morton

Breaking-Bad-Madrigal-Season-5-Episode-2-2-550x3871.  Breaking Bad

As Breaking Bad heads off towards its conclusion, the two-part final season upped the ante on suspense and gruesome crimes that have opened up a hall of mirrors of moral questions. Walter White has come a long way since becoming a cancer riddled meth chemist, turning to crime to provide for his family. Now, Walter White is a man without cancer, a family, or a surrogate family of partners. He has completely alienated himself on a morally uncharted island, his existence solely defined by the Crystal Blue Persuasion that he manufactures. Thanks to Bryan Cranston’s mesmerizing performance and creator Vince Gilligan’s writers, the 21st century has its equivalent of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a tale of a rise to power undone by pride more so than greed.

2.  Mad Men

3.  Parks and Recreation

4.  Justified

5.  Bob’s Burgers


Krystle Leveille

1. Sons of Anarchy

This show was recently labeled by People Magazine as the most badass show on TV and I would have to agree. Each season is more intense and more gruesome than the season before. I have come to love/hate the soap-opera style cliff hangers with which each season ends. The theme of family and friendship is always endearing– even through the prison fights and shoot outs. Sons has a little bit of everything for everyone.

2. Game of Thrones

3. The Walking Dead

4. Boardwalk Empire

5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Honorable Mention: Revolution, Justified, Real Housewives (They are my guilty pleasure and, as terrible as they are, I still watch.)

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