Best Of 2012: DVD/ Blu-Ray

alfred-hitchcock-the-masterpiece-collection-blu-ray2Our final “Best Of” list for 2012 comes from Drew and is his Top 10 DVD’s/ Blu-Ray’s.

Drew Morton

1.  Alfred Hitchcock:  The Masterpiece Collection

The early news surrounding the Blu-Ray release of a box set featuring many of the Master of Suspense’s gems was worrisome. The early screener reviews, which explored the set’s poor remasters with bad color timing and re-rendered credits with typos, almost caused me to cancel my order. Then, Universal did the unthinkable and what I assumed was impossible. They delayed the set for one month to get it right and, in that short amount of time, did a pretty great job.  Vertigo has the proper color scheme for once! Psycho looks clear and has the appropriate amount of film grain in HD! North by Northwest has never looked better. Aside from the stunning, if slightly imperfect yet as good as one can assume is possible considering the source material, audio and video transfers that The Masterpiece Collection offers, the set also features commentaries and substantial documentaries that provide some context for the films and establish to new audiences why Hitchcock was a master of film form. Those with the DVD edition of The Masterpiece Collection may be hesitant to upgrade, but the chief selling point of this set is that the collection included fifteen of Hitch’s films and while not every film is a masterpiece, it is one of the cheapest alternatives to film school on the market. My most important advice? Wait for Amazon to drop the price to $150 again (they did it over Thanksgiving week).

2.  Bond 50:  The Complete 22 Film Collection

3.  Chinatown

4.  Lawrence of Arabia

5.  The Game: Criterion Collection

6.  Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season

7.  Shut Up and Play the Hits

8.  The Dark Knight Rises

9-10.  [TIE for Bad Movies, Great Discs]:  Prometheus: 4-Disc Collector’s Edition and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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