Being A Dad – 2 Months In

lucas one to two month.JPGMy son is 2 months old? How is that possible?! Unreal. We’ve witnessed his amazing growth (6 lbs 5 oz, 19.25″ at birth to 11lbs 5 oz. and 23″ at six weeks), but also his incredible change in alertness.

But, let’s back up a bit first. Lucas Charles was born on July 2nd at 5:30am. He came out and stunned me. Immediate love, there’s no other way to describe it. I’d just spent 9+ months preparing for this moment with my wife, Elizabeth, and yet, despite that, I wasn’t prepared. It was a completely different and unpredictable experience. I’ll never forget it.

Fast forward through the day, and 40+ hours straight of being awake, and Elizabeth and I have to fall asleep with Lucas in his hospital bassinet near us. It was terrifying. What if he started screaming and I didn’t wake up? What if something bad happened while we were asleep? Tons of irrational thoughts with bountiful and capable nurses mere seconds from our room, yet real and intense thoughts all the same.

But, guess what? Nothing happened. He slept just fine. We slept just fine. He woke up, which woke us up. Just like it’s supposed to happen. Now, here we are, two months later. Lucas has grown like a weed, eats constantly, spits up constantly and seems unfazed by it. He started smiling a few weeks ago, holds his head up like a champ and looks like such a little boy!

Elizabeth and I have both learned a lot about Lucas and how to be a parent in just under nine weeks, but there’s always more to learn. In that idea, I’ll share three things that we learned that I consider to be some of the best lessons. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Be prepared to do a lot of laundry.
    1. Lots goes into this other than just have lots of outfits. We’re not changing him because one outfit or onesie got a little dirty, we’re changing it because Lucas decided to progressively soak it after a few meals with spitup. After taking him to a family wedding last weekend, we also learned (and were prepared for) that multiple shirts would be soaked. Thankfully 95% of the clothes we have for Lucas were hand-me-downs. While you may be fortunate enough not to have a “spitter,” it seems highly likely that your laundry quota will skyrocket with the addition of another human.
  2. Here are a few things that have made our lives easier.
    1. Nose Frida
      1. The idea sounds gross and bizarre, but OMG, was this little product a live save this past week when Lucas had a little cold and was really stuffed up. Cleared his nose, let him sleep longer and gave us peace. That alone was worth it!
    2. Changing pad liners
      1. These aren’t the covers that go on changing pads, these are small liners that sit on top. Seems redundant, but think about this. Babies like to cause little messes when changing them. It’s inevitable. Those messes then require laundry. But these wonderful little liners eliminate the need to launder the changing pad cover every day. In fact, you can likely go weeks on end without needing to clean it thanks to these! We have 12 of these and exchange them as needed, and clean them with our regular loads of baby clothes. (NOTE: Lots of reviews complain about them rolling up on the edges after you clean them. But who cares? Babies don’t. Does it save you from extra laundry daily? Yes. Case closed.)
    3. Graco Little Lounger
      1. This wonder product ended up being a necessity because of our small house. Our upstairs is 850 square feet, so saving space was a big deal. We ended going and buying this on our second day home from the hospital. There are other options out there for this style and size and they’ll do the same thing, offer a safe, small and close place for your baby to sleep next to your bed.
  3. Patience is everything.
    1. We had our fair share of crying fits. Turns out 95% of the time it’s because he’s hungry, so at least we’ve figured that out. Patience has also been the key for our communication between each other. Sometimes we just won’t be able to get some chores done. Other times we know that we just have to work together to raise Lucas. It’s such a team effort! As long as we are patient with each other, it will all work out.

B is for Bonus (and burp): One wonderful tip we learned from our pediatrician is the “ice cream cone method” for getting a burp. The method is as follows.

  1. After your baby is done eating, sit them upright on your knees, a table, or any flat surface. You’ll want to pretend that your baby’s butt is the pivot point and rotate their torso. Imagine that your making a big ice cream cone shape.
  2. Holding the baby’s head, slowly rotate their torso clockwise a few times, then counter-clockwise the same number of times.
  3. After you’ve completed this, try and burp your baby. Many times you may get a burp just by rotating their torso.

Lastly, a few pictures:

Lucas and I right after birth, this was the first time I held him!

lucas and dad and birth.JPG

Lucas, birth to one month old

lucas birth to one month.JPG

Elizabeth reading to Lucas

ecfm and lucas reading.JPG

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