Becoming A Dad – Introduction

For the foreseeable future, I’m going to do some non-entertainment writing. My wife, Elizabeth, and I are going to have a baby! Due on June 29, 2014, Baby Peanut, as it will henceforth be known, will be our first child.

There are countless books and blogs out there for women to read while going through pregnancy, but the field of sharing for men and future fathers is much smaller. In fact, despite some great resources, I’d imagine that many future fathers just go with the flow and learn along with the mother.

Until very recently, I was one of those go with the flow guys. I am beyond excited to be a father. I’ve been mentally ready for about the last year, but the time wasn’t right for the two of us until this past summer (or as we at times decided to call it, “pull the goalie.”).

I don’t know that this or future posts will be of benefit to anyone else other than me, but I’ll continue with it regardless. I look forward to sharing a future first time father’s perspective, and a male perspective, on pregnancy, expecting and much more.

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