Becoming A Dad – Complete

Pregnancy is one of the greatest tests of patience. It’s an incredibly long journey with a remarkably hard job at the end. (I don’t envy women, they’ve got it really freaking hard!) But, the payoff after all the waiting, all that work, pain, blood, sweat and tears is indescribable. Yesterday, after that test of patience, Elizabeth and I were finally able to become parents. I finally became a dad!

Lucas Charles Mierendorf was born on July 2, 2014 at 5:30am. He was 6 lbs 5 oz and 19.25″ long. A long, skinny, perfect and beautiful boy. How do you explain the indescribable? There is nothing that I can write that could do justice to the moment of seeing your child born. That first breath, that first cry and wail of life

Perhaps it’s easiest to start at the beginning of this last chapter. Elizabeth’s labor was for the most part, a fast and insane whirlwind. Labor contractions started around 8pm on Tuesday, the 1st. Nothing super intense and nothing super consistent. We went for a walk with Ziggy and talked about our plans if this was actually go time. We went back home, laid on the couch, watched TV and relaxed. At around 9:45pm we decided it would be best to try and go to sleep early and get rest if she were to go in to the hospital in the morning. It was a nice idea.

Turns out, our nice idea was unrealistic. By 10:30pm, Elizabeth’s contractions kicked into gear. We were off for the hospital by 12:30am and got settled into our room a little after 1am. After a little more than four hours, Elizabeth had progressed so much that it was pushing time. After an epidural-free, grueling and intense delivery, little Lucas was born. In just over 10 hours from the earliest contraction, Lucas added a +1 to the human population.

A perfect little man that now turned our little family from two to three (five with pets). Elizabeth immediately got skin-to-skin time with Lucas while we both cried and stared in amazement at this bundle of awesome that just changed our lives. His long, elegant, piano fingers. Skinny, straight and perfectly shaped toes and feet. Despite his size, he’s incredibly strong! He’s currently rocking a little cone head, covered with plentiful white blonde hair. His dark slate eyes haven’t taken the full color that they eventually will (most likely blue), but are still striking. He doesn’t open his eyes a ton, but when he does, he’s looking everywhere. Taking in the blurred shapes and lights, slowly observing and learning his new world.

He’s a treasure. Telling our family and friends about his arrival was my job while Elizabeth bonded, and it was the most fun news I’ve had the pleasure of sharing in my life. Its cliche, over-used and obvious, but to people who become parents, this life changing moment is more than that. Its life affirming. For all the BS, sad news and problems our country and world face, there are moments like this that encourage you with hope. Future generations can and will make this world a better place. Lucas will be a part of that, and that blows my mind.

I look forward to the next life challenge of raising a child. I know it won’t be easy all the time, there will be obstacles and hurdles, but with Elizabeth at my side and a healthy dose of patience and calmness, we can figure it out. I have already changed plenty of diapers and dealt with “The Cluster” (changing a poopy diaper while keeping his legs from kicking his circumcision wound, while Lucas peed on himself and his face, followed immediately by spitting up a bit. All of this within 15 seconds). I’m ready for whatever else life throws at us. Let’s do this.

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