Becoming A Dad – The 5th Month, Is Baby Listening?

Peanut is progressing nicely! The fifth month has come and gone, and while honestly not a lot has changed, there are always internal baby developments. One of the most common discussions is whether or not that baby is listening! As the baby develops, at this time of pregnancy, can baby begin to hear what mom and dad are doing/ saying?

While Elizabeth and I haven’t noticed if our voices make an impact yet, we’ve been having plenty of talks with the little one. I personally have been distilling sage wisdom in the form of “daily lessons.” Sometimes these lessons are serious, but most of the time they’re goofy. Example: I recently flew home from Chicago after a business trip. I taught Peanut the valuable lesson of befriending your flight crew and minding your P’s and Q’s. The benefits include offers for free dinner, extra snacks on the plane and free drinks.

Other lessons include teaching Peanut about movie trivia, the awesomeness that is Star Wars, and the adventures of Ziggy and Piper. Ultimately though, from what I’ve read, most important is merely talking to the baby. Whether science says one thing or the other, for me personally, it’s a way to bond with the baby; especially as pregnancy feels foreign to me at times. I look forward to my next lesson to pass on. Eventually maybe even some doses of Philsosophy.

If you’ve found things to support a listening baby, please share them!

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