Becoming A Dad – The 3rd Trimester and Prep

Well this is it, the finish line is close! You’ll have to excuse me for the long gap between this post and my last. Both Elizabeth and I traveled a ton for work (getting it in before we are unable or unwilling to travel for the next six months!), Elizabeth had her baby shower and we’ve been getting things prepped for Peanut.

All that said, we’re in the third trimester! With 8 weeks to go, things are feeling more real. We are taking a baby prep class, painted the baby room, and finishing off our baby registry gifts. With an incredible collection of gifts from extremely generous family and friends, we are feeling far more ready for Peanut’s arrival on June 29th.

Knowing family and friends who have had early arrivals, we’ll be getting our hospital gear in order soon too (knock on wood that we’re just being well prepared). It’s funny to think of all the things that we’ve been thinking of long term as we anxiously await Peanut’s arrival. Names, we’ve got a few we like. Approaches to diapering, cloth predominately, but we aren’t going to stress ourselves.

We have attended two of our four baby classes. Basically a class detailing what to expect with the lead-up to labor, while in labor, the delivery, afterwards and more. It’s actually pretty eye-opening for a first time dad-to-be. There’s a lot to take in! The biggest pieces in my opinion are recognizing the signs of labor and coping techniques for labor contractions. Our teacher has been great and is a natural at helping expectant parents feel like this is something we can do. I don’t doubt that for a second. The current population in the world is over 7 billion. While we may be new at this, it isn’t something new for the doctors or humans. There is and will be plenty of help and guidance there for us.

Additionally, we’ve started getting the list of contents for our hospital bags ready. This is another surprising thing that you don’t think about until you get closer to the due date. The realization that you walk in to the hospital as two people and come out with three (or more for some people) is becoming that much more evident. It’s extremely exciting, but it’s daunting to think about what that really means!

Our list of to-do’s? Get the car seat in the car and properly checked by the Fire Dept. or hospital professionals. Check that all the new gear works together (car seat carrier, BOB stroller and adapter), have the room pretty much assembled, get our thank you notes from the shower written out (an on-going process) and a lot more. Work to get Ziggy (our dog) used to the idea that a new human will be joining his life too. All this while I remind each other that we need to take time to relax!

In 8 weeks we no longer will have downtime. We’ll then have a wonderful new responsibility on our hands! It’s the little things that we have to enjoy while we can. A quiet moment of doing nothing. A drive into the mountains to enjoy some fresh air. Prepping our garden. Of course, plenty of this and more will still be able to get completed when Peanut arrives, it’ll just be harder to schedule for awhile. Need to be realistic!

Having a baby is, pardon the cliche, a truly life-changing event. I’m incredibly grateful that Elizabeth and I have been able to spend 9.5 years together exploring, having fun, going on adventures, moving and finding where we want to start our family. I think those 9.5 years have been and will be instrumental in keeping us a tight and astounding team as we learn to raise Peanut. Our formative years together were priceless, but the adventure ahead is the one we’ve been getting ready for and we can’t wait to meet our next partner in future adventures!

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  1. I think this might be my favorite thing you have written. I am so excited for you and Elizabeth. If you need a babysitter this winter let me know! Sending lots of love! – Mandy

  2. Thanks Mandy! You are absolutely on the shortlist of babysitters. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again! Enjoy the remaining time in Tonga!

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