Culturef*cked: Hurricane Sandy is America’s Disaster Movie

If you were in a part of the country that didn’t lose power after Hurricane Sandy, you were witness to the images of its devastation. Everywhere you’d turn, there was footage of flooded subways, dangling cranes, and a New York bifurcated between light and darkness—images so otherworldly they evoked, for … Continue reading

The Old Ways are Best: ‘Skyfall’ Reviewed

Skyfall walks a precarious line. It’s the third film in the Bond franchise’s Daniel Craig-helmed reboot. It’s the gritty Bond. It’s the psychological Bond. But it’s still Bond. It’s helmed by director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Revolutionary Road) whose work doesn’t necessarily call to mind the sex and glamour that … Continue reading

Under the Influence: ‘Arrested Development’ Rewind: ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

There are times when I get contemplative. My mind, with or without the aids of cannibinoids, will often reel into the hyperbolic or the hypothetical, or the hyperbolically hypothetical. It’s in this state I wonder what future generations will think of us and our legacy. Will they think of us … Continue reading

The Return of Alternative Rock: Ayanami’s ‘Heliotrope’ Reviewed

Ayanami’s Heliotrope swims in its influences. You can hear it clearly in the opening riff, but it becomes more subtle as the album progresses. The sounds of rock bands past are in these songs. Which is not to say this record is an amalgamation of tired alternative rock tropes. I … Continue reading

Give Me Douche Chills: ‘Arrested Development’ Rewind: ‘Not Without My Daughter’

Let me state outright: “Not Without my Daughter” is a magnificent piece of comedy. This episode is quite possibly in my Top 5 of the first season. The ease with which it keeps multiple threads running at a gallop without stumbling is astounding. The multiple plots subvert gender, social, and … Continue reading

No Hair for Oil, or A Manifesto for TV Blogging: ‘Arrested Development’ Rewind: ‘Whistler’s Mother’

There are several schools of thought when it comes to television recapping. There’s the trusted, albeit dry, beat by beat summary, which will remind readers of the basic plot points of their favorite show’s most recent episode. This method may have injected into it a little criticism, but it hardly … Continue reading

This Party Has Unlimited Juice: ‘Arrested Development’ Rewind: The Best Man for the Gob

Before I dive in, let me ask: have you seen this? It’s a photo Ron Howard tweeted of the Arrested Development writers’ room. You may have doubted it when you heard the actors were on board. You may have doubted it when Mitchell Hurtwitz said it was happening. You may … Continue reading

Getting Rid of the Ten Commandments: ‘Arrested Development’ Rewind: ‘Justice is Blind’

On June 28, 2012, at approximately 1000 hours Eastern Time, the SCOTUS offered its landmark decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of your politics, whether you think the ruling shines a ray of light into the heart condition your lunch is giving you, or you think it’s a national … Continue reading

Lawyer is Latin for Liar: Arrested Development Rewind: ‘Altar Egos’

I’d like to imagine the practice of law is a proper and dignified animal. This is idealistic. And boring. So I also like to imagine it as a libidinal comedy where lawyers are gorgeous and charming buffoons who sleep with one another during recess and have time to fight for the … Continue reading

Breaking Up with NBC: How to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Shows

It was in the throes of a fever that I first watched 30 Rock (2006-present). Wrapped in my blanket, sweating, sipping on a lukewarm mug of green tea, I tried to ignore the sounds of my roommates’ party celebrating the end of the spring semester. I could hear the rhythmic … Continue reading