Another day, same snow. Chicago Blizzard – Part 2

Another day has come and the city is beginning to stir. Despite the fact that the main arterial streets are clear, the side streets of Chicago continue to be snow covered. Yesterday, everyone in the neighborhood took time to help each other dig out. It was the first time since living in Chicago that I felt people went outside of their generally protected social bubbles and helped strangers. It was a good reminder that despite a cold demeanor, the citizens here are more times than not, ready to help each other out.


I’ve seen some criticism online that people are sick of hearing about the storm. That’s valid to say, but the truth is that a storm of this magnitude is very newsworthy. It’s timely, unique and those are some of the key factors for determining news (I have BA in Print Journalism). This city has only seen storms like this 3 times since 1967. That makes it worth talking about. Whether or not you want to participate in the conversation is up to you, simple as that.


Today, it is bitterly cold, but the skies are blue and the sun is bright. Yet, the street where I live is still snow covered. I’m not complaining. It’s clearly obvious why these are the last streets to get cleared. I actually enjoy it! The college that I work at, closed for the 2nd day in a row anticipating the continued clean-up, delay or absence of staff, faculty and students. Lucky for me because as a photographer, with the sun shining today, the lighting on unplowed mounds looks beautiful.

I’ll post additional photos today or tomorrow of the clean-up process.

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