Al Pacino Rumored to Play Joe Paterno in Upcoming Biopic

PacinoAl Pacino has shown interest in playing the controversial Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno.

The film, still being pitched to studios, is based on Joe Posnanski’s bestselling biography, Paterno. The film has neither a screenplay nor a director at this time, but is rumored to be causing a buzz among Hollywood’s elite. Posnanski’s book covers Paterno’s career in its entirety, rather than focusing solely on the sexual abuse scandal.

Paterno was forced to retire after a sexual abuse scandal occurred during his coaching career. Paterno himself was not directly involved in any criminal activity, but left Penn State after Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator, was accused of sexually abusing eight teenage boys. Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse in June – his sentencing will take place at the end of September.

Paterno came under immense scrutiny when it was released that he had reported the rape of a ten year old boy in 2001 to his superiors instead of police officials. Because he was not under criminal investigation, Sandusky was free to continue in his abuse of children.

Paterno worked at Penn State since 1950 as both assisant and head coach. He died in January of lung cancer.

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