What is Ludic Works?

Maybe it’s best to define “ludic” first.

ludic defintion

Why is this important to define ludic? It’s the perfect word to represent the creative goals of this site. Previously, I hosted all of my creative work at Mierendorf Media (which now directs here). I started Mierendorf Media, which was previously Michael R. Mierendorf Photography (hence the mrmfoto.com domain), as a home for my creative work. Writing, photography, reposting published work from Cultural Transmogrifier. Over the course of time, Mierendorf Media extended into more creative projects. A dedicated Project section was setup and included projects called Becoming A Dad, HOSTI, WordPress development and teaching, and more.

While the moniker Mierendorf Media was appropriate, it was all work done personally, and I wanted to have a site that could be open to collaboration. Some of the projects I have in mind are open to collaboration and I thought a fun, non-personal name fit the bill.

Additionally, ludic is a great word. What better way to describe a series of unrelated projects than spontaneous and undirected playfulness? I don’t want to limit the growth of this site. An organic evolution of content works like a charm under Ludic Works.

So while most content will be written by me, the randomness and playfulness of Lucid Works is open to all! Hope you enjoy it.


NOTE: While browsing through old posts, you may find broken images. This is a hangover from the transfer process from mrmfoto.com and ctzine.com. Images for most posts will eventually be fixed. I say eventually because that removes all burden of time on me and encompasses the infinite timeline in which that project may or may not get completed. I am a new father after all. I’m busy.

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