76 – 4

As the end of this project got closer, my goal of maintaining a list of 100 things I learned got pushed to the backburner as I focused on completing this project strong and successfully. That being said, the end is near for my first 365. With 3 photos left to take, I’m beginning to understand the importance of this conceptual project in my life.

Recently, I’ve begun the initial steps in beginning a photography business. I am hoping to build off my previous – although limited – successes as a developing photographer. As this process gets moving more rapidly, I hope to document the steps in greater detail here, so stay tuned. One of the pieces of the website I’m envisioning is a section for conceptual projects – the first of which will be this 365 project.

I’ve learned more than can be written down in a list of 100 lessons and in retrospect that wasn’t the best way to pay respect to this journey and challenge. I think what in the coming days will become more clear is a sense of accomplishment and goals/ aspirations for future projects. So, until the 31st comes to a close with the start of a new year, my retrospective will have to wait.

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