642 Things To Write About

A year ago while picking out birthday cards at Target with my son, I noticed a book. Let me back-up. The greeting cards aisles at our Target are three deep. The furthest row from the front of the store is backed on the other side by boxed sets of thank-you notes, blank cards and in one section, random trinkets and gimmicky items. Those include funnyish coffee mugs, notebooks, pens, etc. and a few books. One book caught my attention.

The book was 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. This was all before I started writing my first novel. I had found myself around this time searching for some inspiration. As I glanced through the pages, I saw some humorous writing prompts. Some that I couldn’t stand, and others that could be real “thinkers.” I stood there, looking at the book for awhile, before putting it back on the shelf.

A few weeks later, I found myself thinking about it again and on a whim, ordered it from Amazon. A few days later it arrived. Excitedly, I opened it, paged through more and opened a new notebook in Evernote. I was determined to use it as a tool to write more. That’s pretty much where this story stops. I wrote out the first nine prompts from the book in Evernote, answered seven of them and haven’t touched the book since.

Then, for nearly a year, the book sat on my bookshelf behind my desk next to my other writing books. I didn’t take it out once. That is, not until today. Why today? Well, as I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’m going to make an effort to write more. Particularly on my book. But, part of being a good writer, as every successful writer seems to say is, to write every single day. Sure, when it’s your primary job, go for it. When you have a busy life as I’ve mentioned more times than need repeating – writing everyday is actually challenging. I actually do write everyday. Since January 1, 2013, I’ve been writing in a One Line A Day Journal. To me, that doesn’t qualify for “writing every day.” It’s a collection of memories of that day’s events. It isn’t creative writing.

So, here we are today. I’m making a new goal. To use the 642 Things book as a tool, twice a week and write prompt responses here. I won’t publish what the prompt is, as I’d just be publishing the book’s list and I don’t want to giveaway this book’s content for free. I respect The SFWG and their efforts with this book. Instead, I’ll just write the response to the prompt and title it, but tag it as 642 Things.

I’m going to attempt to stay on schedule and publish a prompt every Monday and Thursday for awhile. If you’re up for the journey with me, keep your eye out for them. They’ll live right here.

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