642 Things #4 – Money Carries Further In The Past

Imagine that someone hands you $2. What can you buy with it? Depends on what time you imagine it being handed to you. Is it right now? Is it the future? 61 years ago? Imagine how far $2 went in the past. Two dollars isn’t a lot of money unless you have none to begin with or travel to the past. Ok, we’ve established that you’re a time traveler now. You take $2 from today and you pull a Marty McFly and go back to 1955. Suddenly, $2 goes a lot further!

Want a fountain soda? No problem. A few ten cent comics, a piece of gum, and some baseball cards? Put them in the bag, now you’ve got well over a dollar left. Sure, these aren’t practical purchases back in 1955, but when you travel back to your present time, you’re sitting on a goldmine.

That Detective Comics #225, with the first appearance of Martian Manhunter? Assuming that you kept it clean and undamaged in your journey. That puppy is now worth $8000. Congratulations, you just made $2 into a lot of money! That bubblegum? Well, you can’t win every time. No one wants 61-year-old gum. Go ahead, chew it and get rid of it. You’ve got the memories, those are priceless.

Now you open that baseball pack to see what you brought with you. Warren Spahn, Hank Aaron, Bob Keegan, and a Sandy Koufax rookie card? Now you’re talking. Those 4 Topps cards alone are worth at least $125,000! I have to admit, you’re one hell of a time traveler. And a wise investor too! Who said $2 doesn’t go far anymore? You just need a TARDIS and you’ll find that money carriers further in the past.

You win the day! If you had kept that $2 today, you wouldn’t have been able to buy a single comic book, not one pack of baseball cards, but you could get a pack of gum. Isn’t learning about inflation fun? So, the next time you get a birthday card from grandma and she includes that silly $2 bill, go ahead, hop in your time machine and go make it worth something. Worst case scenario, you remember that you have a time machine and that alone pretty much makes money inconsequential.

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