642 Things #3 – Perception vs Reality

Perception vs Reality

A concept that is as equally cliche as it is an accurate. It can apply to a product, a company, an idea, or a person. In this case, it’s me. This will be an introspective post. Introspective posts are the bread and butter of many bloggers. Self-improvement, realizations, helpful tips for careers, you name it, it has been written about. Introspection to me, especially public introspection is more rattling than anything else I’ve done before. My work is not introspective. It’s fun, creative, goofy, chaotic, all kinds of adjectives could apply.

When you’re a public figure, your perception, it could be argued, is beyond your control. Think about it, you’re at the mercy of what others say about you. What you say or do influences what is said, but you’re at the mercy of their reaction to those things. Let’s say that I trip on a carpet edge, tumble, roll and crash through furniture and look rather foolish. The reaction could be to laugh at me. Maybe no one is concerned with my well-being, they just think seeing someone fall down is funny. After all, those videos always killed on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

I think that I’ve been publicly generous. I smile, wave and give hugs to those that need it. I’m always smiling and happy. My friends and family are great, abundant and pleasant. Others think so too. People want to come visit me, spend time with me, and enjoy where I live.


I know who I am. I’m all of those things, but I’m more than that too. I’m a leader. I’m don’t like to fail or lose, even though sometimes I do. As awesome as I am by myself, I need others around me to really make things fun and take off. The battle of perception vs reality is a battle that is waged constantly. Daily. My life is an open book and my history is well known. Controlling my perception is as much a challenge of controlling my reality. I control my destiny only as far as others allow me to. I was, am, and will be a smiling face, publicly welcoming those into the fold.

Open arms, wide smile and joyful presentation are the keys to my happiness as they’re the key to others happiness. My joy creates joy. That’s the reality. Recognizing that my perception is what will propel my reality, that’s my future. This is my lot in life. It’s destined for infinity. Unwavering in direction, but always recognizable. It’s a fate drawn for me from the first time I set out.

I know it now, I embrace it going forward. I know who I am. I’m Mickey fucking Mouse.

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