642 Things #24 – Silence

For twelve weeks the basement has been under construction. Monday through Friday and a number of Saturdays, the sounds of construction and renovation have plagued silence and any sense of calm. No amount of pleasant music, fans, doors shut, or dedicated meditative concentration could defeat the noise.

And while those random noises, escalating from shuffling of materials to saws to jackhammers, were generally restrained to work hours, they nonetheless carried with them other restrictions. Jailed to just the upstairs, clutter growing as the project continued to stretch out further beyond scope.

Yet, twelve weeks later, here we are. Light at the end of the tunnel. One final piece needed, one last thing to literally cushion the project. Standing there in a nearly unrecognizable addition to the home, a strange sensation gripped the area. Silence. Complete and total silence.

No drill. No hammer. No hardwoods dropping on the floor. No voices discussing the project. Silence in newly insulated walls. Silence from the insanity that gripped the house. Not out of the crazy yet, but just a few steps from normality. Finally.

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